Plan the ultimate honeymoon

I love displaying at The Wedding Salon Los Angeles because it allows me to meet great vendors. This years show was held that the London Hotel in West Hollywood. At the show I met Josh Kafka from Blisscape. Blisscape is a travel agency that specializes in hip romantic travel and will help you put together an amazing honeymoon.

Why you should work with Blisscape:

KNOWLEDGE The best travelers don’t necessarily spend the most, they know the most. blisscape makes romantic travel simple, offering the inside knowledge of a local–where to stay, where to eat, what to do–so you can journey worry-free and simply ease into bliss. It’s like having your own personal concierge who happens to be an expert in everything you’d ever want to know about your destination.

INDEPENDENT We have true editorial independence –we are never paid for our recommendations–so that every resort, activity, and restaurant is one we know intimately and wholeheartedly endorse. There is never pay for play.

VALUE blisscape is a completely free advisory service. Our subscribers never pay a commission or surcharge to us when we organize their travel. And while we always pursue the highest quality lifestyle, we also believe in value. We will never recommend a resort, restaurant, activity–anything–if its worth doesn’t measure up to its price. It must be a good value or you won’t find it in our guides.

GREEN We also treasure the environment in every location we visit, respecting our hosts and honoring the natural splendor of each locale. See Travel Green.

We cherish the gift of travel to our lives, but we must also recognize its impact on the environment. Air travel is sadly a major contributor to global warming, as even the airline industry’s own web site on the environment attests.

So what can the environmentally conscious traveler do?

STRIVE TO BECOME CARBON NEUTRAL. First calculate the carbon produced by your flight, then offset the emissions of your trip by planting trees. For more information on greening your daily life and reducing your overall carbon footprint, Terrapass is an excellent resource.

GREEN UP. Green Hotels® have published an extensive guide to honoring the environment while traveling. Whenever possible, practice the 3 R’s: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
RESPECT. We should always respect, not just admire, the natural habitat of wherever we visit. Coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea: diverse, vibrant, beautiful, and desperately endangered. And while it’s a joy to snorkel and scuba around coral, swimmers should never touch or step on reef.

But cheer up: the benefits of travel still overwhelmingly outweigh the environmental costs. Tourism is an essential conservation tool, providing the motivation for communities to entice visitors to their beautiful, healthy locales. It also provides jobs and revenue for surrounding communities. So pack up and escape, but remember while you’re finding your bliss, mother Earth still needs to find hers too.

Top 10 reasons to contact Blisscape:
1. You want to escape to bliss.
2. You want the best prices.
3. You want to organize your trip with the best travel agency anywhere.
4. You want personalized service.
5. You want us to help you plan a special, customized trip.
6. You just want to say hi.
7. You want to tell us about your travel experiences.
8. You live for travel and need to share.
9. You’re procrastinating from doing something else.
10. You want to give feedback about your travels, bliss style, anything.

Phone Number:
(877) 78-BLISS (25477)

Mailing Address:
Blisscape PO Box 18842 Beverly Hills, CA 90209

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