California Wedding photographer -why you should stick with a boutique studio like Tiffany Photography

There are a lot of big photography chains out there leaving people to wonder if they should go big or boutique. Here are some things to consider before signing up with a photography chain.

Quality control – In large photography chains, the decisions on the quality of the images taken comes from the top and many require the photographer to shoot in .jpg (resulting in lower quality files that are easer for the large company to store) At Tiffany Photography we always shoot in RAW format leaving you with the best possibly quality wedding images.

Continuity – At a smaller studio you get to know the photographer personally and have a relationship with one person from start to end. In a larger studio, you may fall in love with the sales person and end up with a photographer you can’t relate to.

Get to know your vision- Photography is an art and to delivering images that please, you must know your audience. When you interact with one photographer, they get to know your personality and are better able to take images that reflect your vision. From our consultation and subsequent contact prior to the wedding I will be able to determine if a couple is shy, outgoing, funny, conservative or edgy. Delivering edgy images to a conservative person would be as disastrous as delivering conservative images to a couple looking for edgy creative images.

Creative control -A huge part of photography is the post production. At Tiffany Photography I create custom effects for each couple based on the style of their wedding and their personality. I go through every single wedding image and correct for color, brightness, contrast, cropping and determine if there is any additional work that needs to be done on the image. In a larger studio the images are sent off to a central location and the editor has no contact or direction from you or the photographer.

Album design – By the time we get to the album design, I know my couples very well and designing a stunning album is made very easy.

Package/Pricing – Many people have the misconception that booking with a big studio will result in a more reasonable price. This is not always the case. At Tiffany Photography every package is costum created to insure you get exactly what you do want without paying for extras you don’t need. At a large corporation, the sales person has little or not control over the packages offered. At Tiffany Photography the pricing always includes the original digital files on DVD so you won’t be stuck paying a premium for prints. While we are happy to make prints of images for you, you are free to use any professional photography lab. (By professional lab we do not mean Wal-Mart or 1 – hour photo. The files are very large and may require professional attention)

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