Wedding Photojournalism Los Angeles

In recent years the term ‘wedding photojournalism’ has become synonymous with artistic, black and white photography, candid, sepia toned and all around great wedding images. The true meaning of photojournalism has been lost and many people ask for wedding photography photojournalism without really knowing what they are requesting.
Photojournalists tell an in depth photo story by capturing an event from many angles including details, over all shots of the event from afar, candid images of the participants and crowd reactions. A true photojournalist is objective, does not direct or participate in the action. As a trained photojournalist with a degree in photojournalism, it became apparent that strictly shooting a wedding in the photojournalistic style leaves something to be desired. Most couples do enjoy and appreciate direction from the wedding photographer.
Having shot wedding photography for over 5 years I have developed my own style of wedding photography that incorporates the perfect blend of wedding photojournalism, fine art, fashion, fun and a revamped look at traditional wedding photography.
Traditional Wedding – Traditional wedding photography has received a bad reputation over the years and has become synonymous with boring, out of date, out of style lifeless images. The good news is that it does not have to be this way! While I do provide plenty of candid images that tell a story, I have perfected the art of capturing stunning, candid, fun images using direction in a formal setting. Oh this is not your grandmother’s traditional photography.
Fine Art Digital Wedding Photography – Digital wedding photography has come such a long way over the years and is arguably better than film in many ways. Using sophisticated filters and layers I am able to create everything from out of this world vivacious dramatic colors to old world antique effects.

Magazine vs. Traditional style wedding albums
Magazine style wedding albums – aka digital wedding albums and montage coffee table style photo books allow your wedding images to be presented in a photomontage or collage format. The whole page is made of photographic paper and the images cover the entire page with no boarder or frame. This style has become very popular among brides and grooms because it allows images to be placed in the background and is very versatile.

Traditional style wedding albums allow one or more images to be framed and placed on a matted album. While this style is less popular it has a very classic and classy look and feel. One can still portray and convey a photojournalistic style and story in the traditional style format.

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